Child Custody & Family Law Attorney

Child Custody Overview

A divorce or separation can often be overwhelming and emotional for adults, but it can also have a lasting impact on their children, long after the divorce. It is very important that parents do not forget about their children's needs during the divorce process. They should never use their children as "pawns" or put them in the middle of their disputes.

Child custody and visitation decisions are often two of the most important decisions made during a divorce or dissolution of marriage. Parents need to carefully consider what is best for your child's current and future needs. With assistance from the courts, you will need to determine the following:

  • What type of child custody: shared parental responsibility, sole parental responsibility, or rotating custody?
  • Where will the children live (primary and secondary residences) and when?
  • How will visitation be handled (supervised visitation, unsupervised visitation, other)?
  • How will decisions impacting your children be made?
  • Will child support be paid and by whom?

There are many factors that can influence custody and visitation. Some of these factors can include the wishes of the parents, the child's wishes, the age of the children, the relationship between parent and child, will the parent provide a stable loving environment, the parents' living accommodations and conditions, the parents' income and economic means to provide for the child, the mental health and physical fitness of parent and child, as well as any evidence of domestic abuse or child abuse, etc.

The Minerley Fein Difference

While the process of divorce is often emotionally difficult, our firm's goal is to protect the children's needs, and your current and future interests. In all cases, the best option is often to realize that protracted litigation may not be in your or your child's best interest. We will advise on doing what is right for the children, realizing that they aren't a bargaining chip, and moving you as quickly as possible through the process, so you can move forward with your life.

Minerley Fein, P.A. can assist in family law matters including child custody, child support, visitation, modifications, enforcement and child relocation in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Coral Springs, Palm Beach County and Broward County.

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