Legal Authority

The office of Florida Civil-Law Notary is authorized by Florida Statutes Chapter 118 and regulated by the Florida Department of State by Rules promulgated in the Florida Administrative Code. Originally enacted by the Florida Legislature in 1997 as the office of “Florida International Notary”, the name was changed to Florida Civil-Law Notary in 1999 to reflect the parallel functions of a Florida Civil-Law Notary to those of a traditional Notary in a civil law jurisdiction.

Professional Associations

Florida Civil-Law Notaries are members of the National Association of Civil Law Notaries, a non-profit professional organization that promotes the education and development of Civil-Law Notaries.

Formed in 1948, the International Union of Notaries is the global organization to promote, UINL Logocoordinate and develop the function and activities of Latin Notaries throughout the world.

Florida Bar

All Florida Civil-Law Notaries are Attorneys and members in good standing of the Florida Bar. As Members of the Florida Bar, Civil-Law Notaries are bound by all of the Ethical Obligations of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar.

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