Employment Litigation Law Firm

Employment Litigation Overview

A business typically takes steps to protect against, and is prepared for, disputes with suppliers, clients and business partners. Often, however, these same businesses aren't prepared for disputes with their own employees.

The recent economy has brought huge numbers of employee terminations for Florida's businesses and recent legislation has brought even greater complexity to employment law. These items and other factors have only increased the risks that you may be sued by a current or past employee.

In this environment, employers often find themselves needing representation to defend against:

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The Minerley Fein Difference

There is no question that employees have the right to fair treatment, and the FLSA, ERISA and other laws have been designed to protect them. However, employers also have rights and deserve effective legal representation, especially from false or exaggerated claims. Attorney Ken Minerley and the law firm of Minerley Fein, P.A. are experienced in Employment Litigation. Ken Minerley has over 20 years of employment litigation experience. This experience, and our understanding of legislation - both established and new - allows us to identify pertinent issues and generate the most favorable outcome for our clients.  As an experienced Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney, Ken Minerley possesses the skills and experience to guide a client through trial, if necessary.

In many cases, strong employment litigation defense actually starts with prevention. Avoiding employment related pitfalls is the key to minimizing claims. We can help with employment policies, compliance with state and federal laws and workplace safety regulations. We also can help draft fair and enforceable non-compete agreements and employee handbooks to help minimize the possibility of future litigation.

If you need to litigate an employment claim or prepare employment-related agreements, please contact us at 561.362.6699 or via email here. You can learn more about attorney Ken Minerley, or about our other areas of practice on our website.