Commercial Litigation Overview

An unfortunate reality of owning or managing a business is that sooner or later you will be faced with a situation requiring litigation, or the threat of litigation to protect your interests and assure a desirable outcome. Adding to this reality, the current economy has brought an increase of broken contracts, business disputes and outright acts of fraud and dishonesty.

Whether you are suing another party or defending your actions, the ramifications of a negative outcome can weigh heavily on your future growth and success.

The Minerley Fein Difference

Since founding our firm, we have built a business law practice, specializing in commercial litigation, with a focus on helping those South Florida businesses that require experienced guidance to protect and grow their businesses.

Florida Bar Board Certified Business Litigation and Civil Trial Lawyer Ken Minerley has represented businesses in employee-related disputes as well as those revolving around suppliers, customers, and business partners. Some of the types of disputes that our firm have handled include:

Often, smaller corporations and privately owned companies aren't sure where to turn when a legal situation arises. MINERLEY FEIN, P.A. understands that for most businesses, be they public corporations or privately held companies, a drawn-out legal situation can be catastrophic. We think about your specific situation, and determine how quickly we can get you to the desired legal remedy.

We also take the time to understand your business and the individuals behind the legal situation so that we can best represent you now, and be a resource for you in the future.

If you need assistance in a matter regarding Business Transactions / Corporate Litigation, please contact us at 561.362.6699 or via email here. You can learn more about attorney Ken Minerley, or about our other areas of practice on our website.