Functions & Uses

With jet travel, the internet and instantaneous worldwide communication, global transactions are common. A Florida Civil-Law Notary can facilitate such transactions in many ways:

Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are commonly used to complete business and banking transactions in foreign countries. A Florida Civil-Law Notary can supervise the execution of a Power of Attorney, and prepare an Authentic Act proving its valid execution.

Real Estate Deeds

A Florida Civil-Law Notary can oversee the execution of a Deed for Real Estate to be conveyed in a foreign jurisdiction, giving the parties far greater assurances than can be provided by a common law notary public.

Wills & Probate

A Florida resident may die owning property in a foreign country. The probate of their estate will be conducted in a Florida Circuit Court, but those court orders will need to be transmitted to the country where the property is located. A Florida Civil-Law Notary can facilitate this transfer by an Authentic Act which sets forth the identity, authority and jurisdiction of the Circuit Court issuing the probate orders.

Domestication of Judgments

A money judgment may be rendered by a Florida court (state or federal) against a foreign person or business. In order to collect, it then is necessary to domesticate that judgment by having it recognized in the foreign country where the judgment-debtor has assets or property. A Florida Civil-Law Notary can prepare an authentic act setting forth the entry of the judgment, the jurisdiction of the issuing-court and the identity and authority of the clerk that has certified the copy of the judgment.

Identity of Pension & Reparation Claimants

Many Florida residents receive monthly benefits from foreign governments. A common example are Holocaust survivors who receive pension checks from Germany. In order to administer these claims and avoid overpayments, the foreign government requires the execution of an annual life certificate, to confirm that the pensioner is still living and entitled to continue to receive benefits. A Florida Civil-Law Notary provides a more reliable authority for the ongoing payment of thousands of dollars of benefits than a common law notary public.

Corporate Transactions

Florida residents and businesses often participate as owners and officers of foreign entities. This requires them to execute corporate resolutions and other transaction documents. A Florida Civil-Law Notary can prepare these documents as Authentic Acts, giving them a familiarity and reliability for use and acceptance in civil law countries.

Expert Testimony

As a trained professional in the operation of civil law legal systems, a Florida Civil-Law Notary can offer expert testimony to a Florida court concerning the operation and legal effect of documents and events from a civil law country. This can be critical to explain important legal issues to judges, arbitrators and even jurors who are unfamiliar with the differences between U.S. common law, and the civil law traditions followed in many foreign countries.

Proof of Private Records

A Florida Civil-Law Notary can provide an Authentic Act in order to certify the existence and authenticity of various private records such as employment histories, school transcripts, financial statements and insurance certificates, which are needed for transactions in civil law jurisdictions.

Marriage Ceremonies

A Florida Civil-Law Notary can perform weddings within the State of Florida, and upon the High Seas.

World Records

Florida Civil-Law Notaries can even supervise and attest to the completion of an act or event in a format that is accepted by Guinness World Records.