Florida Civil-Law Notary

Justice Louis D. Brandeis practiced law for more than 40 years before being appointed to the United States Supreme Court in 1916. His nomination was controversial, and his Senate confirmation hearing was the first such contested hearing in American History. His ethics as an attorney were attacked, based in part on his role in a bankruptcy case where he had represented a creditor, and also acted trustee of the debtor’s assets to effectuate a fair liquidation. When pressed to identify whom he represented, he replied, "I should say I was counsel for the situation."

The concept of "Counsel for the Situation" has been introduced into Florida Law through the office of Florida Civil-Law Notary. A Florida Civil-Law Notary is an Attorney, appointed by the Florida Secretary of State, and authorized to perform many of the functions of a traditional Latin Notary in a Civil Law Jurisdiction.

A Florida Civil-Law Notary is empowered to:

  • Prepare Agreements and Documents as Authentic Acts
  • Administer Oaths and Acknowledgments on Legal Documents
  • Perform Weddings
  • Act as a Commissioner of Deeds

These powers can assist your international and foreign transaction in many ways.

A Florida Civil-Law Notary can bring an added level of precision, confidence and reliability to a legal document or transaction. Contact us to find out more about the services of a Florida Civil-Law Notary.