Divorce & Separation Lawyers

Divorce Overview

While divorce rates for the general population may have stabilized over the past several decades, they are on the rise among baby boomers. Divorce rates among couples over the age of 50 have doubled in the last 20 years according to a Bowling Green State University Study.

There are many reasons for getting a divorce. They can include: emotional or physical abuse (Violence Against Women Act {VAWA}), infidelity (cheating spouse), pregnancy, longer life spans (falling out of love), unfulfilled relationship (am I happy), economic and financial issues (debt, excessive spending), etc.

Younger divorcing couples with children are often tasked with dealing with separation of assets, living arrangements, child support and child custody issues. While those divorcing later in life (baby boomers) are more likely to be focused on living arrangements, retirements issues, employment options, pension and 401(k) plans, health insurance, investment accounts, IRAs and when to start Social Security.

The Minerley Fein Difference

While divorce isn't easy, Minerley Fein will ensure that your rights are protected so that you can focus on looking towards your future rather than looking back. We will advise you on doing what is right for your specific situation.

Our family law attorneys will explain how your taxes, credit rating, health care benefits, insurance coverage, retirement savings, debt, property division and other issues may be affected. We advise you on living arrangements, property division, child custody, child support and more.

Lastly, assets in a divorce may include such things as closely held businesses. In these situations, with our business law experience, we are able to identify accurate business valuations and provide pragmatic guidance on how best to handle the business and other complex assets.

While we advocate an amicable divorce, we also realize that sometimes circumstances are such that the divorce requires an aggressive legal approach, and that a trial may be necessary. We are ready for these cases as well.

Minerley Fein, P.A. can assist in family law, divorce, alimony, child custody and immigration matters in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Coral Springs, Palm Beach County and Broward County.

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